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_ Tristan _
Pen and ink - Stippling

Special thanks to Monty and wolf park for the use of the photo


_ Friends _
Pen and ink - Stippling

Kaila and her dog

  _ Dog gone Cyber _
Pen and ink - Stippling

Pet portrait



_ First Attempt _
Pen and ink - Stippling


_ Pet Portrait_
Pen and ink - Stippling


_ Biidwaad Waaskodeg_
(Brings the light to the people)

gel pen on black paper - Stippling


_ Snowey Owl _
Pen and ink - Stippling

a special creature - night eagle.


_ Maiden of Choices _
Mixed Media

This is a composite of hand drawn art and several digital images blended together with extensive use of layers and filters. The choices are imbedded in the photos.


All art is original and the property of Heather Goodall.
For Printed or High Res copies contact me at.



FCC P.O. Box:46044 956 Dundas St., E.,
London, Ontario, Canada N5W 31A

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