Who are we?

We decided to introduce ourselves on the internet as a means of communicating with our already established friends and introduce yourself to ones we haven't met yet.


We are a couple who's mixed marriage has completed our circle for each other. We live in the ways of the "Original Teachings" of both our histories adapting them to enhance contemporary life. We have raised our children to respect all beliefs, paying close attention to Seeking out the truth in the stories.
Ojibwe 1st degree Midé (grand medicine society) of the three fires lodge & Scottish-Irish-English & Brittany Celtic, artist, and member of the three fires society of the Ojibwe. We live in the city and have a Tee Pee in the backyard.


 We are makers of North American Native style hand drums. We build them with the utmost regard for all life with the appropriate ceremony. We then celebrate the beginning of a new life and voice created by the coming together of the animal and plant spirits. Our drums have recently found popularity with Scotland and Ireland as Bohdran. One of which recently became the property of Prince Michael of Albany-Scotland.


.The Art is growing in popularity at a steady rate. All of the art is one of a kind. and has been done on a variety of surfaces. On: canvas...Digital... bead work...Drums...Canoes and paddles murals and recently a living room floor and Originals have doubled in value over the last 6 months.


All art is original and the property of Heather Goodall.
For Printed or High Res copies contact me at.



FCC P.O. Box:46044 956 Dundas St., E.,
London, Ontario, Canada N5W 31A

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