Orinally Titled "3 Women"

it has now addopted the name

"The 11th"

The painting of this drum was started on that day in an attempt to deal with some of the feelings of that day.

Finished the day of the birth the Whit e Buffalo Calf. (Sept. 26)

First sounded on a happy occation.



This drum has quite a character of its own.
Various shows that it has traveled to it was more often refered to as "that drum ".
Several have been witness to rain falling after this drum is sounded.
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Moon Hawk

This drum was commissioned to depict The owners Navaho name.

The coyote was a significant spirit helper.

 White Fire Dragon

This drum was a custom order also for a spirit name White fire woman. This image was revealed to me during a sweat lodge that this person participated in. It is the view from where i was sitting. (north) The diamond are symbolic of each of the other directions. The white diamond behind the dragon is symbolic of the People of the north direction.

The Celtic Moose

The appearnce of several moose sculptues in Toronto and someone asking me to define canadian celtic was the inspriation for this art. In its creation it was the brunt of numerous jokes. True to canadian nature, sometimes our uniqueness is worth a laugh.




 Contemporary Ojibwe design

The maple leaves-the symbol of life
The colours-four directions of human kind
Bear Paws-White-for great healing bear that sits in that direction.
Four feathers-prayers for kindness, strength,sharing and honesty

 Star Bear:

It is said that spirits tha choose to come here, can do so easily through the 8 pointed star. The eagle feathers symbolic of (prayer and Meditation). The visit from the bear... the result.

 Wolf...the companion

The wolf is noted for its companionship, excellent hearing,lack of prjudice, and exceptional social abilities.

There are many stories about the blue eyed wolf.




This drum has quit a story of its own. It has been some time to completion. Started at a local Re enactment and traveled Ontario through the summer. It has weathered several thunderstorms outside. The Symbols in the knot work The wolf and the bird.

Ancestoral Celebration

This design was created in honour of my grandfather who often sent the cardinal as a messanger.
The footprints and handprints are my daughters at 15 weeks old.

 Frog Drum

For such a simple creature, they are very powerful. The frog as we know has a loud voie for such a small creature. It is said they ar able to call the thunderbeings. The frog has strong clensing abilities.

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